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Focus Areas

Retirement Focused

The idea of retirement, whether in a few months or a few years or even several years in, can be both exhilarating and anxiety-inducing at the same time.

Often at this stage of life, there are some questions clients want and need the answers to, including:

  • Will I have enough money to allow me to live the life I want in retirement?
  • How much can I afford to spend?
  • How do I turn the money I’ve saved into an income stream?
  • How will a decline in the market affect my ability to maintain the lifestyle I want?
  • What’s the best way to take money out of my accounts?
  • How should my investments change in my retirement?


When working with our retirement-focused clients, we look at our role as helping clients live their lives to the fullest, while making sure they are comfortable with their investments and their spending.  For some clients, that’s enjoying hobbies close to home, and for others, that means traveling the globe.  At Thimbleberry Financial we find we regularly advise clients that they can spend more as frequently as we tell them they may need to be cautious about overspending.

It’s important as a consumer to know that advisors are trained to grow assets for their clients.  However, understanding how to create income in retirement is a specialty within the financial advisory field.  At Thimbleberry Financial, we are certified in Retirement Income Planning and continue our education in that area on an ongoing basis.

The last thing someone wants to hear in retirement is that they will run out of money and need to go back to work.  It’s also a conversation we never want to have with a client.  With that in mind, at Thimbleberry Financial our expectation is that we will review and update our clients’ financial plans each year to ensure that if any adjustments need to be made we catch them early and help our clients stay on track.

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