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About Us

Why Thimbleberry?

Thimbleberry Financial is focused on providing clients with the advice and tools needed to reach their financial goals. At Thimbleberry Financial we take the time to know our clients and their financial goals. We help our clients with all stages of their financial plan, from defining their goals to identifying possible strategies to implementing and reviewing the solutions.

At Thimbleberry Financial our clients are treated like family. Clients appreciate the relationship and personal focus that we give to their financial goals and accounts; they are truly treated like a person and not an account number. It is this human approach that nurtures each relationship at Thimbleberry Financial.

A thimbleberry is a fruit (think thorn-less gourmet raspberry) that thrives in the Pacific Northwest and is known for being uniquely flavored and particularly sensitive to being shipped. Only those native to its local market can enjoy this spectacular berry.

Our philosophy at Thimbleberry Financial is similar in that service is best kept local and thrives when given focused attention. Each client at Thimbleberry Financial is carefully and actively managed to ensure strategies are implemented in a manner to achieve optimum results.

Our approach allows us to develop a clear roadmap for the future and have clients gain a full understanding of their financial and personal goals and what it takes to achieve them. Through maintaining a strong relationship and monitoring progress, Thimbleberry Financial can ensure clients the ability to keep strategies up to date and aligned with their specific life stages.

When working with Thimbleberry Financial in a financial planning and asset management relationship, you can expect:

  • We will respond to your messages promptly
  • We will acknowledge receipt of information you send us at the time of receipt
  • We will provide you with an annual update and review of your financial goals and where you are on the path to achieving them