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Working with us

What to Expect

You and your family deserve the best advice possible.  Providing that level of advice requires that we take the time to build our relationship, understand your situation, and then provide service over the years.

At Thimbleberry Financial, you can expect our working relationship to follow this pattern:  

1 Initial Meeting

At the start of every potential client relationship, is an initial meeting to get to know each other, explore needs and goals, and discuss expectations.  In this meeting, and throughout our relationship, we listento what you’re saying explicitly and the deeper concerns and questions that you may not verbalize.

The goal for both of us in this first meeting is to figure out if we will be a good fit working together.  If we are, we will determine the annual fee to work together.  There is no charge for the initial meeting.

2 Becoming a Client

Once you become a client, we will provide you with a checklist of the information you’ll need to provide for the financial planning process.  We will also set you up with access to your personal My Financial Website.  Your My Financial Website is available to you 24 hours per day, seven days a week and allows for integration and reporting of all of your banking and investment accounts, as well as any debts.  Your My Financial Website also includes a Vault for you to be able to send us documents securely.

3 Modeling Session

The goal of the modeling session is to determine the direction of your financial plan with an eye towards what’s possible. We start this meeting verifying your financial data and discussing the timeline of your goals. Then, together, we will play with scenarios to hone the direction of your plan. Throughout the meeting, we’ll be providing education about what we see and your possibilities.

As necessary, we will seek permission to coordinate strategies with your CPA or attorney.

4 Advice

Once your financial plan is complete, we will discuss the path forward and prioritize the steps necessary to get you to your goals.  These steps will include your wealth management needs, changes to your saving and spending strategies, as well as focus areas such as insurance, estate planning, and how you might cover long term medical costs.

5 Investment Selection

Often handled in the same meeting as the delivery of your financial plan, we will identify investments that fit within your risk comfort level and align with your financial plan.

6 Ongoing Service

We tend to meet with our clients three times annually after we’ve completed the initial plan. However, how many times we meet depends on both client preference and what the client may be happening in their life.  We are also available in between meetings via email and over the phone to answer questions and provide direction.

As we move forward, each year we will meet to update the financial plan.  We will also meet to review specific areas of your financial life and review investment results.