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Focus Areas

Career and Family Focused

Gen Xers have seen a lot financially.  As younger professionals, they have likely already experienced layoffs, outsourcing and rightsizing.  They have experienced multiple market crashes, including the Great Recession, and lived in a world where low-interest rates are the norm. They have seen banks too large to fail, and knowledge that the Social Security they pay into may not be there for them.  Despite all of that life experience, Gen Xers are also just coming into their prime earning years.

At Thimbleberry Financial, we know how to work with clients that are in the prime of their career, who often face a balancing act between career expectations, helping aging parents, taking care of their children, volunteering, and fitting in time for themselves.  Our job is to simplify and clarify the path and prioritize the steps necessary to reach the financial goals they setand act on the decisions for our clients, so they have one less item on their plate.

It takes consistent hard work to build wealth to provide for a comfortable retirement.  It also takes smart strategies (most of us are not going to win the lottery or inherit millions), especially for this generation, who may have the desire to fund other goals such as children’s education or provide financial support to parents.

At Thimbleberry Financial, we enjoy the privilege of working with individuals in this stage of life. Some of the tools that help us do this include:

  • Account aggregation software (see all of your financial information in one place)
  • Secure online vault for easy file sharing
  • Meetings over the computer if or when you can’t make it to the office
  • Investments through an independent broker-dealer so that you know there isn’t a hidden agenda in offering some product solutions over others


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