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Focus Areas


A career teacher certainly can appreciate the need for focus and planning to learn a subject. All too often understanding finances can be confusing and create frustration. The role of a financial advisor is to offer a clear understanding and help guide a client to achieve their goals.

Our clients include professors at OHSU, Portland Community College, and educators in the Portland, Beaverton, and Hillsboro school districts.

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Read Bill and Jodi 's Story

Bill and Jodi came to us as referrals from other clients.  Bill was an elementary school teacher, and Jodi was self-employed.  They hoped to retire in five years.  Bill had been saving through much of his career into a 403(b).  He also had his PERS and IAP accounts.  Jodi’s business had been making regular contributions to her SEP-IRA.  In retirement, they wanted to be able to visit their sons, who live out of the area, on a regular basis.  They also wanted to explore the possibility of moving to a warmer and drier climate at retirement.

When working with clients in situations such as Bill and Jodi’s, we work together to identify and implement options such as:

  • Reducing risk in tretirement accounts
  • Continuing appropriate contributions to retirement account
  • Identifying ways to save for the purchase of a retirement home so that they are not dependent on selling their current residence first
  • Determining how best to take PERS as an income stream based on their income needs
  • Reducing future tax bills by reducing the amount saved in retirement plans and increasing savings to taxable investments
  • Exploring Pension Flexibility options
  • Structuring retirement income so that cash is available to cover living expenses for the next three years no matter what happened in the market
  • Identifying how much of a new retirement home they could afford


This case study is hypothetical. It does not reflect a specific client or situation. An individual client’s circumstances and results will vary. This case study is presented only as an example and is not intended as investment advice.