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Have you ever heard of the Aesop’s Fable about The Ant and The Grasshopper?  The general gist of the story is that the ant is busy collecting food for the winter, while the grasshopper is singing, dancing and enjoying the summer.  The grasshopper has access to the food they need at that moment and doesn’t think the work the ant is doing is necessary.  The moral of the story is that...

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We work with a lot of clients in high-tech and I’ve found there is a common misconception about how Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) are taxed.  Many prospective clients have shared that they are worried about diversification and the consequence of holding onto their employer stock, and tthat they must hold the stock that resulted from RSUs for one year after the vest date in order...

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Clients sometimes ask how they can help their kids learn to be smart with money.  The truth is it's never too early to start teaching in this area. Money is a way to teach values that are important to you and instill those values in your children, as well as set kids up for future success. Children will fail when it comes to money-related decisions, and that is part of...

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Restricted Stock Units

Do you work for a company that issues Restricted Stock Units (RSU)? If you do, then you may be wondering if you should hold or sell and the answer isn’t exactly clear. In the case of RSUs, timing, tax liability, and your risk exposure are important factors to consider. RSUs are company stock typically issued to employees after they have reached milestones whether that’s completing a...

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Thimbleberry Financial make investment recommendations

When it comes to understanding why we make investment recommendations, the key for the Thimbleberry Financial team is communication so that we can put the financial puzzle together for our clients. From our initial meeting, we’re getting to know each other, exploring financial planning needs and wants, discovering financial planning goals, and discussing expectations. Once you’re a client, we will check in with you periodically to...

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fees associated with investing

Not all investments are the same and neither are the fees associated with investing. At Thimbleberry Financial, we’re committed to giving you all the information you need to make your investment decisions. If we’re recommending an investment, we will explain how the investment works, how much it costs, and how it impacts your long and short-term financial goals. Every financial plan is different.  Your financial plan is designed...

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