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About Us

Amy Groshong Walls, CFP®, RICP®, CRPC®

As a young child, Amy used to join her father, who was also a financial advisor, when he met with some of his clients at their homes.  When she did, those clients had requested she come along and often made cookies for Amy to enjoy.

Amy also enjoyed the dogs that became family pets when these clients moved out of their homes and couldn’t take their dogs with them.  While Amy loved, and still loves, dogs and cookies, Amy knew even then that those visits weren’t about dogs and cookies. She understood that being a financial advisor was about the relationship between the clients and advisor.

Amy’s father died when she was six years old. Her mother lovingly chose to have Amy, and her brother’s college paid for from his life insurance proceeds.  However, in doing that, cash flow for Amy’s family was tight when she was growing up.

After graduating high school and before attending college, Amy served as a Rotary exchange student in Belgium.  She came back to Oregon and attended the University of Oregon, where she earned a double major in Sociology and Planning, Public Policy, and Management in 3.5 years.  She spent several years working in Non-Profit Development before deciding she had another calling.

In 2003, Amy made the decision to switch fields and become a financial advisor.  Amy believes educating clients about their choices and how each will help them reach their financial goals is her role.  She understands that the world of planning and investments is complex. Most people have enough complexity in their lives and would like their financial lives simplified.  Given life experience, she also understands that life doesn’t always follow the path we intend.  It is, therefore, important that a financial plan protects against the unexpected and be flexible to account for the changes in a person’s life.

Amy founded Thimbleberry Financial with the idea that people’s money and financial goals are personal.  She believes that clients should only ever need to interact with a small handful of trusted and knowledgeable individuals at Thimbleberry Financial.

In her personal time, Amy is often with her husband, Mark, daughter Lucy (born 2008), son Oliver (born 2016), and their two dogs, Jackson (a ten-year-old black lab/boxer mix) and Annabelle (a two-year-old chocolate lab).  She also leads a troop of 16 Brownie Girl Scouts (cookies anyone?) and enjoys swimming, reading, and gardening.