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Financial Plans as
Unique as You

We create and execute on comprehensive financial
plans to help tech professionals best utilize their equity
compensation and handle the unique aspects of a
career in tech.

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Do you struggle with:

  • Understanding your complex stock benefits?
  • Minimizing the tax issues of your equity compensation?
  • Planning for gifting and helping your family?
  • Crafting and implementing a financial plan that works for you?

What We Do

Crafting a Plan

Looking at your life situation and goals, we craft a plan for you to maximize your benefits, reduce your tax complications and help you achieve your life goals.

Implementing the Plan

Once we agree on a path to achieve your financial goals, we help you implement that plan. This can include a wide array of solutions to help you achieve your life goals.

Regular Planning Meetings

We meet on a regular schedule each year to continue refining your plan, checking on your progress and adjusting as life happens.

Come Talk With Us

How it Works

1Schedule a free consultation

We start by getting to know one another. We’ll find out together if we
are a good fit, and if Team Thimbleberry is the right option for you. You will have the opportunity to understand what we offer and how we work.

2Understand your life and goals

If we are a good fit, then we set up an in depth meeting to model your
current situation and goals so you can understand the impact of
different life decisions. Then we craft a customized plan to help you
achieve your goals.

3Create and implement your comprehensive plan

Once we have agreed on your plan and its strategies, we work with you to implement the plan. This is an ongoing relationship where we meet regularly to continue adjusting your plan and implementing solutions as your life and goals unfold.

Tax Issues with
Equity Compensation

There are several tax issues and long term considerations when part of your compensation is in the form of equity. Whether those benefits are from RSUs, stock options or ESSP shares there are potentially devastating financial consequences to handling them incorrectly.

You may have already experienced this. In this article we discuss some of the dangers associated with your equity compensation and what can be done to utilize their value towards achieving your life goals.

Download our Free Guide:

7 Steps for Surviving Equity Compensation Taxation