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Whether you’re one, five or ten years away from retirement, you’re closer than you think, and those last few years will fly by. Are you financially prepared? Retirement planning in Portland doesn’t have to be a headache or a hassle, because help is here. By understanding what you have to do at each step before you officially retire, you can work to plan accordingly for the retirement you want and deserve!

Here’s what to keep in mind before you start enjoying those golden years!

Understand How Your
Medical Needs Will Affect
Your Retirement

Your medical insurance may cover some of your needs, but as confident as today’s retirees may be about the future, healthcare costs are always a sticking point that causes them some concern. The good news is that by working with a Certified Financial Planner™ and Portland retirement planning specialist, you can get the big picture of your current (and potential future) health care needs are.

Like many retirees, your employer probably subsidized a lot of your healthcare costs through insurance, so this cost will go up when you retire and have to rely on Medicare. But it’s something that you can budget for accordingly when saving for retirement, because if you know what to prepare for, you can face the future with a smile instead of a cloud of uncertainty!

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Understand How Social Security
Will Affect Your Retirement

Although you can start collecting social security at age 62, t there are several factors that can affect it, including if you decide to continue working (such as doing side jobs or starting a business) while receiving social security.

Your marriage status can also affect your benefits, so working with a retirement planner in Portland can help you not just see what costs can affect how much you can get for retirement, but also sidestep any pitfalls that could eat away at your savings.

Pay Off Your Debt and Your Mortgage Accordingly

There are certain rules, laws and regulations (not to mention taxes) to keep in mind if you decide to pay off your mortgage before you retire. Paying off your mortgage early does give you some more money to save for retirement, so if you’re having a particularly good year with your savings, it’s a smart idea to sock some away for retirement and put some toward your debts.

Other debts like student loans (for those retirees who are looking to go back to school to learn a trade or just to learn something new), as well as credit cards and auto loans should be paid off before you retire since those can take a serious bite out of your savings, leaving you that much less to spend in retirement.

Save for Your Success and Get Help from
a Certified Financial Planner™ in Portland

Being able to save for a successful retirement is crucial to your success, and an experienced certified financial planner™ in Portland can help make your goals a reality. A Portland CFP® is someone who has gone through the training and ongoing courses necessary to be a Certified Financial Planner.™ Not every financial planner is certified, so make sure you’re working with the very best who have been professionally designated as such.

Call us today and tell us about your retirement goals as well as your savings. We’ll take that information and create an accurate picture of where you are, as well as where you want to be.

Let’s work together to get you there. With Portland retirement planning, you can enjoy your golden years like never before, and it starts by just filling out the form below, or calling us directly.

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